Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Away

Haven't posted in a while, but mainly since not much has been going on. The wife and I spent the weekend away "recreating" out honeymoon trip to the Maine coast. The original trip lasted only 4 days from a planned 7, we got to Freeport and spent all our money at the outlet stores. This time we went there first, but didn't spend everything.

We took all the county routes, no highways, and stopped at anything that looked interesting. We hit an impromptu market in New Hampshire, a few random scenic stops, and a couple of country stores filled to the brim with everything someone could use when there are no major cities nearby.

We found it interesting that we did this many years ago with no gps or cell phones to tell us where we were, where to go, or how to get there. The trip back took us right across the top of Jay Peak, one of my favorite places to ski. It also took us by a place called "Screw Auger Falls", something that caught my wife's eye as we came upon it. We stopped and took several pics there of the granite carved away by centuries of running water.