Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Something different

My mother runs a rehab center for injured birds in North Carolina. She does this mainly on a shoestring budget and her own time. This morning I recieved this from her:

"Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of releasing this gorgeous osprey in a very special place. The Sunny Pt Army Depot is more than 18,000 acres of mostly deserted land. They found this bird October 5th weighing 1.6 lbs and too weak to fly. He was 3 miles from the nearest water and they only eat fish. On Nov. 5th, he weighed 3.6 lbs and was catching fish in a kiddie pool. Now he has 22 acres of a shallow water and bass filled lake to hunt in and several local ospreys to join. That felt good!"

What an awesome image.....